3 years ago

Politics and carers

Holiday greetings,

It is a Bank holiday here in the UK and the sun has finally appeared. Talking of miracles, I see that carer issues are making headlines. There is a general election here on Thursday and like most people, I am pretty sick of it all. One thing that is catching my attention. All the main parties are making promises to carers. With an estimated 7 million now in the UK,  you are becoming hard to ignore. One party is even offering a “Carer Passport.” This will supposedly give the carer financial benefits and other advantages. So the weather is getting better and polititions are making us promises. Let’s hope this continues.

Finally, I am informed that today is Star Wars Day.Let the force be with you and carers everywhere.

Take care,

William Long

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Will Long

Will Long is the author of "A Gift For Cares", a heartwarming book that describes the psychological and physical pressures of caring for his ageing mother.

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