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Scotlan takes the lead

Hi Apologies for being so quiet lately. In June I got married and family occasions have kept my attention recently. I noticed today an article on the Scottish TV website. It seems that the government there is taking positive steps to include carers’ needs in the new welfare act. Indeed the social security minister is […]

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The secret to a happy life.

Hi, Here is a little post that may help you to make 2016 a truly valuable year. It has been reported in studies that 80% of millennials believe that becoming rich will make them happy in life. Indeed 50% of today’s youth believe that becoming famous is their ticket to happiness. We have already discussed […]

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A Special Week

Hi, It’s great to be writing this at the start of Carer’s week here in the UK. This is a time for us all to appreciate this special group and their unique contribution. I believe that the world’s carers are increasing in strength and not just in numbers. Our message is gathering momentum and strength. […]

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Politics and carers

Holiday greetings, It is a Bank holiday here in the UK and the sun has finally appeared. Talking of miracles, I see that carer issues are making headlines. There is a general election here on Thursday and like most people, I am pretty sick of it all. One thing that is catching my attention. All […]

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