A Gift For Carers

Helping carers get the most out of life.

William Long | A Gift For Carers

Meet William Long, the Author of A Gift to Carers.

This book was written following his personal struggle with the psychological and physical pressures of caring for his mum.

A Gift For Carers

Care Giver Syndrome

His experiences and research led him to develop a solution which counters the devastating effects of what the medical world refers to as 'Caregiver Syndrome'.

A Gift For Carers

The Gift for Carers

He identifies seven areas that make for a joyful life. This book is packed full of stories that will educate, inform and inspire the reader to create a better life and future.

This book is a great inspiration to not only carers but those who are being cared for. A very touching subject that is at the forefront of health care services, policy makers and individuals today that will no doubt raise greater interest for all of us as we age later and change the demographics of society. The chapters are well laid out and packed with information, tips and exercises that engage the reader.

Nasreen Akhtar
Lecturer, Adult Nursing



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I've worked with most of the principles in this book already, for many years, but even I found some real nuggets of information along with great quotations and very helpful 'action points'. Although written with carers in mind, this book will assist and empower anyone with an open mind and willingness to improve their mental, physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing. I have already recommended it to some of my clients.

Sharon Lynn
Mentor, Speaker, Healer, Enrepreneur & Carer







Will has brought this subject to life with his immense knowledge on so many related issues around carers, and survival strategies that encompass biopsychosocial, spiritual and self management in many different ways. A unique book that brings together `gems` of wisdom from the authors experience, a biopsychosocial and spiritual perspective of caring for our loved ones. A true gift for carers!

Nasreen Akhtar
Lecturer, Adult Nursing

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